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Do you know your blind spots? Use the Johari Window for a fresh look at customer insights

As you are planning where to take your brand of product in 2016, there’s probably reams of customer insights – from surveys, interviews, focus group, emails, Net promoter verbatim feedback to look at. I have found that using the Johari Window to classify customer insights can offer surprisingly actionable results. The Johari Window The Johari Window, developed […]

This Thanksgiving, Thank Your Extended Team – Customers, Colleagues and Vendors

  With Thanksgiving round the corner, gratitude, thankfulness (and maybe even fullness in general) is in the air. At work, we often focus on ‘improvement’ – getting that improved customer experience, working through that list of complaints, turning around the tight deliverables, adding in those key features. But it turns out, that taking a step back to […]

Trick or Treat: How to Face Your Big Scary Customer this Halloween

It happens at night in business. Whether it’s the customer who has the ear of the CEO and keeps sending unnerving emails up the food chain or the one that has alarming expectations and spine chilling deadlines – many of us have run into hair-raising customer situations. Some ideas from Halloween on how to deal […]

Customer Insights – Your Secret Weapon to Greater Employee Engagement

Wharton Professor Adam Grant, in his outstanding book ‘Give and Take’, cites a startling bit of research – in a study of radiologists, simply attaching a patient’s photo to a CT Scan increased the chances of accuracy by 46% and 86% of the key diagnostic findings came only when the radiologist saw the patient’s photo. […]

Need to Multiply Revenue? Tap Into Your Hidden Sales Team

Everyone seems have come around to the fact that improving customer experience drives revenue. A recent Gartner survey showed that in 2014, the highest marketing investment was for ‘customer experience’ and that customer experience is now considered by many companies to be the ‘top innovation project’ edging out product innovation itself. However, much of that […]

5 Tips from Barbara Walters for Your Customer Interviews

In customer interviews, the real gold lies beyond the obvious. Tips on getting there from Barbara Walters, famous for getting politically guarded and much ‘managed’ interviewees to open up, adapted for business. In doing hundreds of interviews with customers and employees on behalf of clients, I have found that the real value comes when you […]

How to Relate to Your Customers Like the Donald

(First published and featured on Linkedin Pulse for Customer Experience) Donald Trump is already a winner this year – if not from the surging poll numbers in the primaries, then at least from the endless free publicity across the best channels and shows for his brand. Though we may or may not agree with his […]