How do we grow when the market is in free fall?

See how we turned crisis into opportunity.

How do we stop attrition… Now!

See how we reversed the trend.

All trends point to a great launch… Will it work?

The picture was all rosy till we spoke to customers. Read more...

Customers told us we need to do 2000 things… Now what?

Changing priorities led to customer resentment.

How do we get customers to ROI faster?

See how we created a 6-fold boost in implementations. Read more...

The efficient way to uncover customer attitudes, preferences and loyalty

Customer Advisory Panels

Effectiveness evaluations
New initiatives
Meeting facilitation

Opinion Sampling

One-on-one interviews
Verbatim transcripts
Gap analysis

Voice of the Customer

Revenue ideas
Feedback channels
Executive dashboards

Experience Maps

Map customer journey
Moments of truth
Chart behavior patterns

Great work! Truly well done, engaging and getting results.

VP, Product ManagementLeading Financial Services Software Company

Very useful! It helps us use our customer engagement process as a differentiator.

Director, Product ManagementLeading Financial Services Software Company

We had the idea but needed it expressed in the voice of the customer. This is great, thank you!

CEOAnalytics Startup Firm

Tiyash is smart, hardworking and analytical. Her past strategic consulting experience helps her analyze markets, develop a strategy that will be successful and then help to drive that strategy through implementation by working with diverse functional teams.

CEOLeading Cloud Telecommunications Player

Tiyash impressed me with her ability to think strategically, end to end with a critical eye for detail. She was able to process large amounts of information and make thoughtful and expeditious decisions.

Senior Marketing ManagerLeading B2B Software Firm